Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And in the beginning

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This week is the return of first Thursday where we invite our featured artists in to show off their work. The theme this month is travel. Please stop down Thursday evening and check out the artwork from around the world. Maybe grab a bite, or a drink?

This weekend we will be featuring our housemade pastrami from #projectpastrami. this has been a labor of love for chef and we can't wait. 11lbs of beef brisket spent 10 days in a brine, then was crusted and left to dry out and allow the crust to form and it's gonna hit the smoker Friday morning.

Every time I write a blog I feel the need to highlight a dish on our menu in an attemp to possibly teach you something about global cuisine you may not know. With that, I'm going to take a few sentences and introduce you to Laksa. Laksa is the national dish of Malaysia and comparable to meatloaf in this country, everybody grew up eating it. because it is the national dish and is so eaten by so many families, most families have their own recipe, there are literally 1000's of recipes. The dish encompasses all the flavors people love from Southeast Asia, chili's, lime, coconut milk, lemongrass....It's crazy delicous. Next time you're in, maybe you step out of your comfort zone a little and check out the food of Southeast Asia.


My first blog, bear with me.